Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
parThe namespace that englobes most of parXXL
par::cellThe generic implementation of cellular networks
par::cellnetThe implementation of specific cellular networks
par::cntrlEverything that is needed to control parXXL, in particular different flavours of emulated shared variables
par::cntrl::infraThe required functions that any implementation of a communication infrastructure must provide
par::cntrl::svmThis namespace concerns the implementation of the shared virtual memory layer
par::cppA namespace that is related to C++ issues
par::memInterfaces to the handling of memory
par::stepThis contains everything grouping together bulk communication in one (or few) supersteps
par::sysInterfaces that use or provide system functions and structures
par::sys::fdAdministrate file descriptors, system paths and locks

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